Orchard 'R' Trial Data

Trials were set up on 4 Eastern Bay of Plenty Hayward orchards during the 2015/2016 growing season.  Within each trial 100 flowers of each treatment were tagged and were collected and weighed just prior to harvest.  Seed counts for these fruit are underway with the help of Zespri endorsed methodology.

Orchard Features

Orchard 'R' had 5.6 hives per hectare but very few bees were observed actually working in the orchard.  Very poor males plants, and few males flowers.  One PollenSmart application was done at 99% flowering, a low rate of 100g/ha in the morning, and a high rate of 300g/ha in the afternoon.  Pollen was applied later in the day than ideal - only once at 99% flowering and in windy conditions (5 km/hr)

Two different trials were run in different parts of this orchard, each with one pass of the PollenSmart at 99% flowering.   A low rate of 100g/ha in the morning, and a high rate of 300g/ha in the afternoon, by which time it was windy.

Results for One Application at Heavy Rate

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