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Pollensmart is the result of a collaboration between orchardist David Horwood and agribusiness developer Wilco Klein Ovink.  

David wanted a machine to blow pollen onto his kiwifruit so he could artificially pollinate the orchard himself, and better still, he wanted it to also have a vacuum so none of the valuable pollen would go to waste.  He knew just the man to make such a machine.

Wilco is well known for engineering innovation.  As a farmer he needed a machine to hold his cows so he could work on their hooves.  After developing and patenting The Wrangler 20+ years ago, it has gone on to become a much loved piece of farm equipment throughout New Zealand as well as overseas.  With his wife Waverley and a team of great guys, Wrangler Engineering have won numerous Business Excellence and Innovation awards with this and their other quirky products like the Ride Over Gate, and Kiwick Alpaca Shearing Table.  Having owned a kiwifruit orchard Wilco understood the importance of good pollination and setup inventing the Pollensmart.

Wilco Klein Ovink,
David Horwood, and Waverley Klein Ovink winning the 2016 Fieldays Innovation Award
Winnes Fieldys Innovtions 2016






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"The Wrangler is a brand synonymous with excellence"  NZ Business Magazine

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