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A smarter way to polLinate

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"Seeing the results has opened my eyes to the massive gains that can be achieved through applying extra pollen in an efficient and timely manner.  I will now use the PollenSmart to apply low rates of pollen five or more times through the flowering season, spending less money on pollination than I used to but achieving much better results."  

David Horwood, BOP Grower

"It was great to use for pollination, and easy to operate.

I’m convinced using the PollenSmart has made a difference in the shape of the fruit, and the size of the fruit, which we’ve had issues with in the past.  For an orchard that has had issues with shape forever, this season we only gave the vines a quick thin out and the fruit has come up perfectly.

I was drawn to the ability to put pollen on when I wanted to, as opposed to waiting for someone to come along and do it – the flexibility was key.

I’m really happy with our results this year."

Alan Cook, Katikati Orchadist

Brian Beach 2 sq.jpg

"PollenSmart has worked well for us. 

We've seen a big reduction in mis-shapen fruit"

Brian & Lynette Beach, Katikati Orchardists

"We’ve seen the best results to date using the PollenSmart; it has helped the orchard achieve optimal pollination.  
It is user friendly and efficient and a great insurance policy for us.

2 applications increased the fresh weight by 33% over 1 application.

5 applications gave an equivalent result to hand pollination"

T&G Kerikeri

"In the first year we did 4 light applications of 80-100gm/ha.  We found significant reduction in amount of thinning required from pollination issues.  We had much larger fruit and a big increase in dry matter.  In the second year the trend continued noticeably.  It has benefited me considerably"

Bruce Baker, Edgecumbe Orchadist

"The PollenSmart did the job  – it was quick, easy and efficient. 
The results have been good."

Derek Griffin, Tauriko Orchadist

"I was very happy with the job that it did this year and it was probably one of my best years of producing kiwifruit.  I could apply it myself when I wanted to do it and the benefit of having my PollenSmart is I put a little bit on often myself, so instead of a contractor applying 300g a hectare I can put on six applications of 50g per hectare. 
It is very easy to use and the after-sales support was very helpful"

Michael Shanley, Katikati Orchadist

Absolutely chuffed

with the results

Steve Rabbitts
Kiwifruit Grower Edgecumbe


More efficient use of pollen
- can achieve near perfect pollination
Pollinate at the optimal time without having to wait for contractor
Evenly pollinated crop
reduces number of
42, 39, 18, & 16 sized fruit
Easy to move between orchards
Good pollination can reduce number of
mis-shapen fruit
Ability to pollinate multiple times at low rates






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