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PollenSmart is the answer

If you’re looking for a better way to pollinate your kiwifruit next season, Pollensmart is the answer. Pollensmart is a tow-behind trailer-like machine that pollinates your kiwifruit when it works best with you.

Pollensmart user Michael Shanley says his first season using Pollensmart made a difference to his kiwifruit. “I was very happy with the job that it did this year and it was probably one of my best years of producing kiwifruit,” he says.

“I’ve used it for just the one season, but I definitely plan on using it in the coming seasons.”

PollenSmart in action

Michael says the flexibility Pollensmart offers him is a huge drawcard. “I could apply it myself when I wanted to do it and the benefit of having it is I put a little bit on often myself, so instead of a contractor applying 300g a hectare I can put on six applications of 50g per hectare,” he says. “The benefit is being able to do it at the time of the day that you want to do it – you are in control of putting it on when you want to put it on and it’s very easy to use.”

He says that not only is the Pollensmart machine itself fantastic, but the team at Wrangler have been a huge help.

“I spoke to them and told them I was trying to figure a few things out and they were very helpful – and if I was having a problem with my machine they organised someone to come out and showed me where I was going wrong,” says Michael.

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